October 16, 2009

Best Address Labels

My hubby is into business for 10 years already and he’s dealing with different people from the guards to the client. As part of their marketing, he has to do some strategies just to attract clients. How? You can be able to have a simple address labels aside from the great services that you have been offering and etc.

Now I am looking on where I can order great designs for our business address labels this time. I have heard about the www.currentlabels.com which offers thousands of designs that one can chose from their vast variety of products. Cool right? Well, need to visit them first!


pehpot said...

Hi Phebie! sorry for the delayed response.. there were too much going on here.. can you email me again your paypal id?

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

that's nice...thanks for sharing.
musta n?