October 3, 2009

Hair Done!

I don't maintain any kind of obsession in life! But just recently after having my hair-rebond (3 mos ago) I am so extra careful with my hair. I mean, I really take good care of it, I developed the habit of combing my hair hundred times before going to sleep. During daytime, I apply hair coats and have my hair spa 3x a week.

Just this afternoon, I don't know why I wanted to have my hair done again. Hubby sent me off to my fave salon and have my hair cellophane treatment done and at the same time hair trimmed. I just want to have a long black shiny hair. lolz...Call me whatever you wanna call me but I guess:
"Girls will always be girls!"


Unknown said...

nice hair..need to do that again as well. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i agree..girls will always be girls ^_^
wow! sumusunod sa galaw ^_^ nice hair

Chubskulit Rose said...

Naman! Love it Phebs!

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sweet_shelo said...

ka arte jud nimo mem oi.. donya man jud ni cya..

Debbie Racho said...

ka layshus sa baji!!!! keep it up..it's so nice to treat yourself something that will make u feel good