October 25, 2009

Basic Site Optimization

I remember about a year ago, I heard from a friend of mine the term “blogging”. At first it was just a passing conversation about the blogging thing, but time went by I was so motivated to know more about her new found hobby besides the fact that she’s earning fatty dollars out from it.

I was so happy to read about the article just this evening about basic site optimization. Actually, even until now I am longing that somehow someone could sit down and teach me what SEO is all about. Good thing that I found this site, wherein I have learned many things like the techniques on how to optimize your site through the goal of creating a better environment for the target audiences, not to mention positively influencing how search engines view and rank one’s website. They also include the basic site-linking strategy to ensure that search engine robots have easy access to your landing pages. “With these improvements in place, your site will have a basic level of optimization: nothing tricky or fancy, and no time wasted on tiny technicalities, just common-sense, best-practices solutions. Remember, there is no single silver bullet in SEO.” Interesting right? Indeed, a great site to read!

Before I used to think that blogging is just an outlet for expression and communication by just considering only a certain topic and event. From that narrow point of view, my learning’s got widened as I learned that out from that “hobby thing “ the role and the importance of SEO in blogging.

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