October 28, 2009

on Athletic Shoes...

As I have said that I am so much into shoes, what I mean is I love shoes and sandals but I can’t say that I myself is a shoeholic! Isn’t it weird? Yes, it’s true because I only bought a pair of it when I have enough money! I guess foot wears are my weaknesses, every time I’m out in the mall I always have to take some time to peep on what’s new in the shoe boutique.

Speaking of shoes, I need to buy athletic shoes that I will be using for my badminton game every Friday and Saturday. Actually I still have my Adidas shoes but I guess I need to buy one for a change aside from it is already old. *wink*

We just planned it recently with hubby that at least once a week we will find time to sweat it out the toxins in our body. Lolz..as if we are that fat! Actually, we just want to feel good and we just want to live a healthy lifestyle. Back to my main concern, I am currently choosing online at shoebacca dot com the kind of shoe that I wanted to have before the year ends. Whew I am so excited to have this kind of discount athletic shoes!

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