October 13, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Hubby and I were absent from work yesterday because we were not feeling well. I guess our body needs to have enough rest after we had a consecutive late sleep at night. In the morning as we woke up, I told my husband that since we were off from work it's time for us to work all the papers needed for our passport applications. Actually, I applied for our passports last June 21, 2007 but sad to say I still have some lacking documents to accomplish and I just didn't feel like accomplishing all those things.lolz! It took me two years to be interested in getting our passports since my cousin from Australia is always encouraging us to apply for migration. Hopefully God-willing in His own time!

And so, the three of us (me,hubby and daughter) were able to have it in one day even though my husband was being asked by the verifier for his Form 1-A and our daughter's Birth Certificate from NSO. Guess what? We got verified from DFA at almost 5pm. Thanks God: Mission Accomplished!

We will just wait for almost a month to get our passports and then we can proceed to the next level...Wohooo!!!! So excited!!!!!


shelo's garden said...

wow, ready na ready na jud na ha..

Unknown said...

good thing ready na..me too, part of plans din yan..

JesuLalaine said...

hala..it takes one month na diay to get the passport? dba 5 days ra mn na adto una?

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