October 27, 2009

The Blog Advertising Store

Blogging is so in nowadays! Just recently, I have attended the 3rd Mindanao Summit here in our city of golden friendship. The summit was indeed a memorable one and I have met my online friends for real aside from the fact that I have learned so many techniques about blog advertising, making money online and so on and so forth. It was really worth the payment!

I remember about a year ago, I heard from a friend of mine the term “blogging”. At first it was just a passing conversation about the blogging thing, but time went by I was so motivated to know more about her new found hobby besides the fact that she’s earning fatty dollars out from it. To be honest, I have been into this blogging world for about a year and eight months already and sad to say that I just recently knew the importance blog advertising.

I have read this article on advertisements on the brain which states that Advertising has become a very powerful part of media all across the globe. This is so true. ..If you are watching a one hour television program then generally there are at least fifteen minutes of commercials from start to finish. Through these ads, we get to see and use the product that we are using of today. Before, I used to know through Wikipedia that Advertising is just a form of communication used to influence individuals to purchase products or services or support political candidates or ideas. Advertising often attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume a particular brand of product or service. Modern advertising developed with the rise of mass production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and this includes the importance of blog advertising. It really plays an important role in the field of blogging and you can find it in here:

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