October 18, 2009

It's a Double Celebration!

Jesus Christ is the only third party in a marriage
who can make it work!

I have mentioned in my older post So Sweet on how my hubby surprised me during our 4th Wedding Anniversary! Actually we had a simple dinner that night with my family and the 'grand' celebration was held last October 10, 2009 (oct 7 was the orig wed anniv date) at a hotel here in our city. Thank God it was a successful double celebration!

It was also my daughter's 3rd birthday!
(same date Oct 7)


Clarissa said...

Double important events to celebrate!!I'm sure you and your family had a blast!!Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary(and counting!)to both of you and Happy Birthday to your daughter!Give her a hug for me!!Best wishes,dear Phebie!!^_^

Lulu said...

congrats and I love your dress...

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Unknown said...

congrats sis. god bless!

pet said...

sweet naman talaga nila, kakainggit naman kayo nyan oi...