October 19, 2009

The Magic Ooze Tube

I have been in this national agency for almost six years and I can say that I have learned many so many things from them. I mean I’m not an agriculturist but I know a bit of what’s happening on the field of agriculture. They have been trying to implement projects in helping the farmers on how to increase their commodities and their income at the same time. Our agency also provides construction of irrigations, deep-well, reservoirs and etc for the farmers.

Speaking of irrigation, I found it so interesting as I was surfing the net about the
vegetable and tree Ooze Tube. I was amazed as I saw how it looks like and how does the farmer can benefits from it.

It’s just so simple…just simply set up the tube with irrigation at the base o f each plant. Waters up to two weeks the perfect amount of moisture for healthy optimal growth. Add water soluble fertilizer to increase yield. Now you can go away for the week-end and not worry about watering your vegetables and the newly planted trees as well.

Hope I can spread this out to my technical office mates so that they can also pass it on to the farmers.

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