October 30, 2009

The New Marketing Revolution!

It’s been a week since I have attended the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit held here in our city- the City of Golden Friendship. I was so happy that I have devoted my time for the whole day event meeting some other blogger friends personally, gaining some insights from different great speakers, and enjoying the benefits of an affordable registration fee. I can say it’s worth it!

Speaking of event, I wish I could attend this new Marketing Revolution next week November 4, 2009 called The Share Revolution. I am pretty sure that this would give me more insights regarding the marketing strategies in building brand communities. This seminar/workshop will highlight the following:
  • Learn how to tap the Power of Community, Dialogue and Partnership
  • Listen to the insights and key learnings of the country’s most innovative brands
  • Discover how new communication techniques can optimize your promotions
It is an opportunity for you and me to gain some insights and key learnings from the 6 different speakers that will present the well-loved brands who have effectively integrated social marketing strategies into their marketing mix.

Well so much for this, you can also visit The Share Revolution through the partnership of Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications and the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Board. The event detail is as follows:
Astoria Plaza | 4 November 2009 | Wedneseday, 8am to 5pm
A Fund Raising Activity for the Philippine Blog Awards

Book your seats now and be a part of this New Marketing Revolution!

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