October 6, 2009

Twinkle is Back!

I have mentioned three nights ago in my post "Twinkle" is Missing! We were so saddened to receive the fact that our dog was indeed missing. Although we were not able to find her for two nights but we didn't lose hope that one day she will be home. Truly, God answered our prayers because our neighbor's house-help was the one who saw Twinkle being played/cuddled by a kid in the street. Without hesitation she called Twinkle and indeed the dog responded with her matching wiggled tail.

To make it short, the family who adopted Twinkle was good enough to return the lost and found dog to us. Thanks to them that they have taken-cared off Twinkle even just for 2 nights and 2 days.

is so lazy......

But sad to say that Twinkle acquired few of bruises and wounds on her body. Tsk...Tsk... (poor lil Twinkle). Guess what, she really cried the moment she got home and we have noticed that she is super lazy that she just kept on lying on the floor! Maybe she was just too tired enough of her 2 days journey. lolz!


Clarissa said...

Happy to hear that she's back at your home.It's sad if a pet of our own is missing--buti na lang bruises lang ang inabot nya.Poor Twinkle..

btw,I've got an award and tags for you dear here:

Have a nice day,Mommy Phebie!!^_^

pinkyshelo said...

wahhhhh , maygale nakauli c twinkle mem.. kaluoy niiyak cya? sweet man jud ni cya na doggie oi..

dhemz said...

waaaaaaa...nakauli na diay sya,...that's good news...maau gani kay wala kawata...hehehe!