October 13, 2009

TCP: Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Vanishing Hitchhiker is a scary urban legend about a young girl on her way to a dance and a boy who gives her a ride in his car.

A boy and his friend were in on their way to a dance, driving down a lonely country road. They saw a young girl standing at the side of the road, with her thumb out. The boys stopped to ask her if she’d like a ride. She asked them if they’d take her home but they told her they were on their way to a dance.

They asked the girl if she’d like to come too and she accepted their invitation. So they all got in the car and she sat in the back seat. It was a very cold night and she borrowed one of their overcoats.

They danced all night and when it got late, she asked them to take her home. So they drove to her house and stopped and let her out. Suddenly one of the boys remembered he had forgotten to ask her for his overcoat. His friend said “Wait until tomorrow. We’ll come back”.

The next morning the boys returned to look for the girl. They found her mother, a very old woman, at home. She said that the girl was her daughter, but she’d been dead for 12 years. She had been killed in an car accident at the same corner. The old woman pointed to a cemetery down the road.

The boys didn’t believe her and they went into the cemetery and looked around. Then they saw the overcoat draped over a headstone. Engraved in the tombstone was the girl’s name and the date of her death was exactly 12 years ago to the day.

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i really love this kind of movies...so scary!!!!!
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kamz said...

waaahhhh! that i wouldn't want to experience. this movie reminded me of our first road trip to freudenstadt. we got lost in the Black Forest en route to our hotel and the navi can't take us back to the main road. it was already dark and we were LOST! buti na lang we had a full tank and we saw a restaurant and asked for directions. i tell you it was freaky!

thanks for joining us this week phebie. next week, we will feature SUPERNATURALS. till then! happy tcp!

grace said...

hadloka ani love oi...ngrrrrr

EJ said...

After reading this post, I really need to watch this movie. It looks like it would be so cool. Thanks for the post.

here is my urban legend entry.

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darly said...

reading the summary gave me goosebumps- chilly scary huh!

mine is up too, check it out.