October 15, 2009

52 Weeks Challenge: 1 of 52

I saw this meme in my cousin Shelo's site: Mi Mundo del Amor last week and I got so interested to join this 52 weeks challenge. Though I failed to join for the past weeks but I guess it's not yet too late to participate in this year long challenge hosted by Carin at Forever In Blue Jeans.

Here's our latest pics:
This was taken last Sunday after church. We were on our way home when my daughter Danielle got the cam and let me took this pic. The first pic was a wacky pose with a plastic smile and the other one was a drama effect pose...as if she was sleeping! lolz!

The goal is to be one picture a week of us moms with our children for 52 weeks. Mostly we moms have always the joy of taking photos of our children leaving us behind, now our goal is to have a picture with them even once a week. I think it would be a real fun. If you want to play along click below and join the fun!
Forever In Blue Jeans


Lori said...

Thanks for joining us!!! It's a great picture!!!!

Marice said...

wow i like both.. esp the drama effect huh! u guys look lovely.. glad u are joining the challenge!

u may view mine if u have time

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the challenge!! Great pictures. I really like the drama pose!

Carin said...

So glad you are joining the challenge. That second shot is so sweet, such a close bond. Great pictures!

Unknown said...

wow mem, welcome to the challenge hehe./. nice photo ha

JonaBQ said...

looks like she's going to be a good actress someday =D

dhemz said...

candid pics dear....ka mga gwafa ba woi.....:)