February 7, 2009

How and Why do I Love My Husband?

Mommy Gen gave me this LOVE meme last week of January and I really planned to post it this time since Valentines day it's just a week ahead. I am so proud to share it to all of you on how much and why do I love my husband.

This is my honey!

The question "how do I love my husband?" The answer should be a process on how I do it, right? I guess the best answer would be: I love him the way God wants me to portray as my husband's wife- "Wife submit yourself to your husband". But if you'll ask me on why do I love my husband, then here are the reasons below:
  • I love my honey because he is the greatest gift that I have ever received from God.
  • I love him because he is a God fearing person- spiritually mature! (my mentor)
  • I love him because he is a loving husband and a responsible dad to our lil angel. (family man)
  • I love him because he always makes me happy.
  • I love the way he always gave surprises- super romantic person!
  • I love him because I just simply love him! I really don't know why! And i guess this is what we really called LOVE.

I am really blessed to have him and I am spending the rest of my life with him forever and ever! To you my honey, I LOVE YOU so much...

Now I want to pass this meme to my friends who also want to show some LOVE to their husbands: Shelo, Melody, Aisha, Cookie, Bogie, Ate Nenette and Ate Love.


Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet oy grabe...thanks for doing the tag...Happy weekend.

Cookie said...

Thanks for this tag. posted this one before but I included ur name in there. hope it's ok & tnx for remembering me ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Love, thanks so much for the tag! Sorry karon lang ko ngrespond. I'm sure this will make your husband proud. :)