February 10, 2009

Changing my Eyewear

I had a very “not so good day” just this afternoon because I had a head ache. I told my office mate after I had eaten my lunch that I’m not feeling well because I’m working with my computer with the lights off due to energy conservation implemented by the management. An hour after somebody from the office gave us medicines given by DOH for the prevention against “Pilariasis” since there is already a widespread of that disease in our province. There was no information drive that was given by them regarding the 5 mini and 1 big tablet, on what’s the effect and who can take the medicines. Since it is for our own good we took it all as per instructions. As I was about to continue with my work, 25 minutes after taking the medicines I already felt so bad- oh my I felt dizzy and even vomited for three times cause I can’t bear already the pain in my head. I thought it was really the side effects of the med but I was wrong!

I just really need to go to my optometrist have it checked by tomorrow since my eyeglasses needs to be changed already. Good thing that there is Zenni Optical who offers at a reasonable price for as low as $8 that is already high in quality and super stylish. Would you believe that they were being featured in one article from the New York Times? Yeah you read it right!

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