February 26, 2009

Super Excited!

I am really counting the days for my new baby 'este' blessing to come. I have a friend who lives in U.S who offered to buy a new netbook for me. She purchased it from best buy store and sent it via Johny Air last Saturday. Thanks so much Debs...Whew!!I can't wait for the day to arrive since my blogging career at night will be made possible and there's no reason for me to miss such opportunities when I will be out of town. Thanks God for such blessings!!!


Lalaine said...

wow love,..I'm excited for you too! grabe bai imported mn gyd imo notebook... looking forward to see it :)

Trying to be Fit
Not a Shopaholic

S-H-Y said...

WOW thats really nice one..

Unknown said...

grabe mem.. excited me for u.yay!!! you have ur own laptop now..congrats!!