February 4, 2009

Today's my Birthday

When I woke up this morning, of course my hubby was the very first person who greeted me. As I checked my cell phone who among my friends greeted me first, there was NOBODY! I was a bit disappointed and sad but God really rebuked me on this. A birthday is not all about greetings from friends and love ones but the most important thing is all about thanksgiving. It’s all about giving thanks to my creator for the additional life that He has given me in my fruitful years. Thank you Lord for the good health, for giving me a loving husband and daughter, for my wonderful families and even thank you for the blessings that cometh my way that I did not even expected to have. I am truly amazed by God’s faithfulness and goodness in my life. Thank you Lord!

Oopss, I am starting to receive text messages from my friends and my love ones now. I am so happy that they never forget my very special day. Thanks to all!

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