February 3, 2009

Ready to Help You

Every time I hear the word lawsuits I always remember my grandmother. She has so many court cases that she filed against the plaintiff left and right. Her children shouldered all her expenses for the said cases years ago and even up to this times. But it came to point that my mom was the only one left for my grandma’s expenses. The rest of her siblings already surrendered because their finances are not enough for their own families. Wish someone could help us in all these dealings.

Good thing to those who are living in U.S.A because there is a lawsuit funding who can provide cash advances for pending lawsuits. Would you believe that you will only pay if you win? Hmmm..Sounds interesting "getting the cash you need while the case is in progress"!


Anonymous said...

nice share...always court cases needs a lots of funding

amiable amy said...

so, is it your birthday yet?