February 27, 2009

House of our Own

Just recently I and my hubby had a talked regarding purchasing a house and lot of our own. We just come realized how we wasted our monthly rental for the house that is not ours for four years. I guess now it’s time for us to look for the right place at the right price too. Correction please we will not purchase it by cash but instead we had to go through a housing loan at Pag-IBIG Fund. We had agreed with my hubby to pray for it that we can acquire such the soonest.

I am really looking forward to move in our new prospect house since I can now start to purchase the things I want to have from little to big things. I guess I will not let my daughter stay with us in our room that’s why I am planning to have a room for her and look for Furniture For Kids of her favorite (see image on the right). Of course it would not be complete if I will not buy Contemporary Bedroom Furniture for the master’s bedroom. Maybe I would opt to buy Metal Beds that is so elegant and of course an affordable one. Good thing that there is this site that offers a winter sale from 45-75% off.

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