February 27, 2009

My Pregnancy Experience

Three months after getting married, God gave us such blessing named Danielle who happened to be delivered during our first year wedding anniversary. The moment I noticed that I was already lapse for two weeks, I was so excited to buy a pregnancy test kit to confirm if it was positive. Indeed it was and we were very thankful to God for such wonderful gift. I never had worries on how I will look during my pregnancy days. I was so blessed that neither of the morning sickness did I experience aside from vomiting due to over eating of fruits early in the morning. What made me sick was drinking a glass of milk every morning and evening, oh gosh I hate it! Well, I have no choice but to drink it for my baby’s sake.

My friends and office mates did notice on the way I look, they keep on telling me that it was a girl since I am more feminine than the usual me. I still remember the time that I did not go to office without wearing my make-ups plus the sexy thing mini-maternity dress. The good thing was my physical looks did not change, I mean the big nose and all dark spot stuffs. (LOLz)

Now that we are planning to have our second baby next year, it would be great to try this beauty product named Beaute de Maman that is safe for me and for my baby. But to those friends of mine who are pregnant, you can order now and be more beautiful!


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