February 13, 2009

We LOVE Adventures!

I really love adventures ever since I was kid. I always love to do such activities that were so unfamiliar with me. There is one more thing that I wanted to experience and that is mountain climbing. I and my cousins planned to go to our very own Mt. Malindang this summer. I hope this will be push through since we will be having our grand reunion that time particularly the month of May. I guess we really have to plan it well since we need some amazing Outdoor Gear from footwear to clothing. There is really a need since it is for our own safety especially we need some North Face gear like the gloves, the scarves and even our own boots. But the most important is to protect us from colds is to have the Marmot jackets and sweaters.

As of now, to keep our selves fit for the said adventure we always see to it that we can have do wall climbing even just for two hours a week. We need to have enough oxygen upon doing the activities or else we will not reach the top. As the familiar saying goes that “practice makes it perfect”- that is why we really have to discipline ourselves in doing such.

This is truly a dream for us for a never ending adventure and exploring!

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