February 15, 2009

Veteran's Hobby: Casino Games

Every time I hear the word casino, what usually comes to mind is my grand father (the eldest brother of my grandmother). After he became a widower he went to United States of America to stay for good for he was then a U.S Veteran. One way of spending his free time is he always spent it in usa casino. After many days of going in and out, he was hooked with different Casino games and all. He became addicted to it that most of his pension was nowhere to be found. He almost all of his days in there was spent inside the bar.

Time flies that he is no longer young ones ( I mean he is that old enough now) that he can not go out and do whatever he wanted to do since he is now staying with the Home for the Aged. What if he will know that he can still continue his hobby? I am pretty sure that he’d love to do casino online and play the online slots. Maybe he can still enjoy his idle time even at his old age if he knows about this. Unluckily he can’t do it anymore this time because he is currently confined in the hospital now. I pray that he will get well so soon.

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