February 17, 2009

My College Days

I can clearly remember the time that we had our Feasibility Studies back then when I was still in college was really a stressful one. We usually had our overnight brain storming, do some revisions, and even had sleepless nights every time we had to pass our FS papers. To make us more confident we had our mock defense first prior to the final one. Though it’s just a non formal one but still it’s a nerve wrecking defense for us because we were not that really sure that our paper goes well according to our panelists standards. We have to come up with the best custom writing service as much as possible. Thanks God that we passed!

Since I only have a seminar paper (non-thesis) for my graduate studies I am planning to have a thesis of my own so that I can proceed to my doctorate’s degree. I guess I can’t do it right away since I’m still working and at the same time a mom to my two year old daughter. If ever I will push through with my studies I guess I need somebody to help me in doing my research to avoid frustrations and worries. Good thing that this time we can now Buy a research paper mla format to make ones work much easier and guaranteed to have a 100% plagiarism FREE paper at a reasonable price.

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