January 18, 2009

Halloween Costumes

You’ve been wondering why I am talking about Halloween costumes during this month of January. Well in fact we have just celebrated the Halloween Days two months ago. It was still so fresh on my mind that we’ve just celebrated the event having a short vacation in our little hometown. I haven’t joined any Halloween party because of my busy work schedules but still my daughter was able to attend without any costume. I was not yet prepared for her to let her joined such occasion because she’s just 2 years old, that’s why I wasn’t able to buy her a new Halloween costume back then. Now I know that she enjoyed that moment so much, I guess it would be better if she’ll wear the bunny costume for kids while I’ll wear the sexy bunny for adults. I am pretty sure it would be great, a mommy-daughter bunny in a Halloween party. But what if I’ll wear this some kind of new thing, the Greek costume? For sure, I would be the goddess of beauty. LOL!

Well, there’s a store that sells a wide variety of masquerade items, costumes and other products to liven up the party. Not only that but they also carries a variety of sexy costumes, dance, and costume jewelry. Nothing to worry about the sizes because they all have it even the plus sizes. Don’t you know about their secret HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor? Hmmm…guess so! It’s for you to find out how much!

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