January 8, 2009

Debt Cancellation

Our world of today faces what we call economic crisis. I believe each of the new born babies in this world has its own debt. It’s so sad to know that most of the reason why broken families exist is because of the financial problems they are facing. Most of them they can’t handle it anymore and thanks be to God to some they still have hope left in them that there is much greater than there problem which is GOD.

I am a credit card user and my hubby doesn’t want me to use it if it is not needed because you will not be able to foresee that you have already incurred much expenses. So I guess my husband is right, I have to use it more wisely. I know some people that they are really having a hard time of coping up of paying all those overdue payments, maybe because they are an impulse buyer that in the sense they already have a filed of expenses and it got worsen. For that reason, they always have a fight with his husband. I guess they need to undergo a Credit Counseling that gives an advice and help them to settle and even manage all their debts.

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