January 27, 2009

Confirmed Negative!

Last night I was bit paranoid then since it's almost three weeks that I have been waiting for my menstrual period to come so I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit for the second time around. Just early this morning I made the procedure and still the result was negative. I told my hubby if Friday comes and if it still negative I need to see my Obgyne. As I took my bath, Oh my gosh!!! here he comes. LOL! Thanks God my prayers was indeed answered by God. Maybe January of next year would be the perfect for my second pregnancy!


Unknown said...

haha, we have the same sentiments mem.. I have spotting now.. but I will buy test pack too to confirm..

Unknown said...

hi, phebs. Children are indeed wonderful gifts from God!!

God bless!!!

Aisha said...

I also get paranoid so I prepared a kit in case my period won't come out. LOL! :)