January 8, 2009

I am so BUSY....

Yeah I know! It's not good to use the word busy because it means you are Being Under Satan's Yoke (B.U.S.Y). But I guess I am not....I am just pre-occupied with so much paper works in the office. The first working day of the year is so tiring even up to now. But every time I saw my daughter when I got home, I felt I am relieve from a very long and tedious work.

Tomorrow will be a new set of things to accomplish especially the "Financial Status" that I have been working on it for several days. Oh gosh! I have a hard time on balancing it... But I know God will give me enough strength to accomplish all those things.. So I guess I need to take a lot of rest now.


Aisha said...

I'm sure you are! Will be praying for you that you'll get to balance those stuff.

Anonymous said...

Accounting ba ka Phebs na if accountant ka hehe I know how hard is that but I know you can do it too. Naa diay ko award nimo if naa ka time grab unya to ha.