January 13, 2009

The Best Smile

My parents and my siblings, among the four I am the only one who is not wearing false teeth. Most of them had it during their high school days. They did not properly care their teeth when they were still young. I remembered my sister who wants to stay in a corner and will not even talk to someone because she is so shy of her teeth that are not good to look at and not properly hygiene.

Now that I am a mother already, I’ll see to it that I have to properly care my daughter’s teeth even though it’s just only a few. Not only her, but for myself also I need to see my dentist once in a while to check and have some yearly cleaning and whitening as well. I am wishing that I could be one of that product endorser of toothpaste that has a strong whiter & shiner teeth. Just like the Celebrity Sexy White blog who blogs her journey for her teeth whitening using the Celebrity Sexy White. I guess I need to have a safe and effective teeth whitener like these so that I can be discovered like those Hollywood celebrities. Well, so much for my day dreaming, all I need is to maintain my dental hygiene because it brings the best smile that every one deserves for!

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