January 15, 2009

Fashion Shoe

I grew up to be always updated with fashion, I am really into it. Maybe because of the environment that I used to grew up. My mom, my aunties and even my grandma is very much updated with fashion. Whatever is the year’s trend may it be footwear, clothes and etc. I always make it a point to have mine of my own too. Take note, not in the sense that even if we don’t have enough money we will buy it. That’s a big NO for me, if we do have an extra, then that’s the time that I can have one.

My super weakness about fashion is the foot wears. I don’t know why, maybe because my feet are not that eye catching. LOL! My husband always teases me that my toes are so cute but I know it’s not. Every time I would go on malling I would love to visit the shoes department and if possible when I go outside the store I can buy even a single pair. I am blessed enough that I have quiet few of my favorite shoes and sandals. As of now, I wanted to have a gladiator shoes and thankful enough that as I was surfing the net I came to cross Baby Phat Shoes. Wow! They have lots of great looking collections of their footwear at an affordable price. They are the world’s female premiere hip-hop brand fashion that are so sexy, sassy and super stylish by Kimora Lee Simons.

So get your new fashion footwear now at Baby Phat and be IN.

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