January 12, 2009

Rugs to Riches!

I just came from the site where flash floods have ruined hundreds of household being washed out in our own little place. I thought it was just a normal heavy rain but sad to say that it was not! Oh my Gosh! Some of the houses especially those living near the river bank was totally damage. To some concrete houses that were built still doesn’t have excuses from the floods. Their stuffs got all wet because the water is neck-deep already. The rest house owned by a prominent family here located near the river collapsed. I can’t imagine how big the water was because it almost leveled up with the bridged itself.

For us who lived meters away from the river bank were also worried of the possibilities that river will overflow. Yes it did, but not that deep. Thanks God that we were all safe, comparing to those families in our neighborhood where the water had started to leveled up. We were so saddened to those families that were so affected by the disaster happened yesterday.

Households were not only affected here but also some of the hotels in our city as well. Since the sun didn’t showed up for almost 3 days already and their stuffs were all wet, of course including their rugs. I’m wondering what they are using now. Hmmm… Good thing that I’ve found a site wherein they were manufacturing high quality area rugs which is the Superior Rugs- the largest manufacturer of the Oriental and Persian rugs. They have been offering a cheap rugs with a clearance sale up to 80% and you can choose different styles, colors and etc according to your taste and choice! So, to those affected hotels out there, check this out!

Always remember that the easiest way to liven up a room and hide that stained carpet is with a beautiful rug.

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I am Harriet said...

Weather is crazy.
Those are the nicest rugs too.