June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday my dear Sis!

Happy birthday!
I hope you have a great time on this special day.
May your birthday be
a fun and memorable holiday.
You've touched so many lives all year long,
and made so many people smile,
that I wanted to reach out and give you,
a birthday hug across the miles.
I hope you know how special
you are and how much I appreciate you
and everything you do.

Happy Birthday Ging!
Acknowledged God in this special day of yours that apart from Him you can do nothing. Thank Him instead for the additional LIFE that He has given you in your fruitful YEARS...Take care!

Wishing you ALL what God has in-store for you and that
He would grant ALL the DESIRES of your heart.
We love and miss you so much!


Genefaith said...

Happy bday to your sis! it's my hubby's bday too..post later our celebration...

Aries said...

I really enjoyed reading it. I'll be back for more...and also wait your backlink, thanks

A r i e s

Bogie said...

happy birthday ging! God bless you!

Nenette said...

Hi love, pls extend our birthday geetings to Giging too. tnx.

amiable amy said...

Ka gwapa ba ni Ging oyy...happy birthday. May God bless her good health to enjoy life.

Unknown said...

Happy bday bulangyat.. mhuahhh!!!

Forgetful Princess said...

ka b-day nga sila....bday rin pla ng hubby ni Genejosh...

Happy bday sa sis mo :-)