June 28, 2009

Got my Hair Done!

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am planning for a hair make-over this weekend. Whew! I am so happy because it did came to realize...Yesterday was a very great day for me? Why? Because I spent half of the day in my fave salon. I went there from 1 pm to 7 pm just to have my hair done. Actually I have been planning this for almost a year and voila I made it already!

@ Iya's Haven (thanks to Angel C.)

the result!

my new rebonded hair!

Thanks God for such blessings that I was able to have it!
It's really worth the price! :)


nanay said...

wow! angayan kaayo ka. you look great.

pet said...

wow naman, mas kaakit akit ka ngayon ha! ang ganda naman kase mas bumagay sayong face na mala anghel...dapat pala noon mo pa ginawa yan..sigurado ako natuwa si hubby mo...

Unknown said...

wow, you look great!! crowning glory talaga ang hair..ang tagal nun ha. almost 6 hrs ka dun? pero tama ka sabi mo nga it's worth it..

ako rin pala i need my help for my hair na rn\in...:)

Rosa said...

you look great on your new hair! congrats!:)