June 8, 2009

Music for FREE!

Every time I arrived in the office early in the morning, the very first thing that I will do is to open my PC as well as my music player. Actually, I don’t usually get motivated to work if I don’t listen to any soothing like Christian Gospel music. Just this morning, as I was surfing the net looking for a new set of great music selections, I happened to reach the Kerchoonz site. I was so happy to see this social network of music destination since they are providing a free music (streams and downloads). Guess what? I immediately signed- up and even explored their site and right then and there I went to their music section and it really caught my attention the song that goes “ There’s No Place Like Home” by Pattie Howard.


I really love that song that I downloaded it already and am planning to send it to my sister from miles away. By the way, this site is so useful aside from the fact that I can download music for free anytime of the day since the other music networks were being blocked by our office to avoid the spreading of the virus that we can get from the cyberspace.

So much for that, why not give yourself a try and sign up for free in this kind of site that was built by musicians for musicians with an aim to deliver music and a fun experience!


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