June 30, 2009

The Importance of Google and Blog Advertising

I remember about a year ago, I heard from a friend of mine the term “blogging”. At first it was just a passing conversation about the blogging thing, but time went by I was so motivated to know more about her new found hobby besides the fact that she’s earning fatty dollars out from it. To be honest, I have been into this blogging world for about a year and four months already and sad to say that I was not able to really see the importance of Google and the blog advertising.

I was so happy to read about the article just this evening about Google and blog advertising.It was indeed a very informative article to read since I have learned so much, as in so much out from it. Before I used to think that blogging is just an outlet for expression and communication by just considering only a certain topic and event. From that narrow point of view, my learning’s got widened as I learned that out from that “hobby thing “ , transition may takes place from personal to economic issues, such as product reviews and suggestions as long as you have gained the trust from the people whom you have developed relationships with.

To sum it up, as a blogger, we must continue to write relevant content while engaging in Google and blog advertising.

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