June 21, 2009

Night Out With Friends!

It's been a long time already that we have not been going out with my friends, I mean office mates. I guess we had our last night out last December 2007 if I am not mistaken. Quite long right? Anyway, after my three super tiresome day as Secretariat in our office activity, last Friday night I was bale to hang out with them since two of them were celebrating their birthdays together with the whole gang. lolz. We had so much fun, as in super! Thanks to Mommy Maricel for the blow-out!

Here are some of our pics during our dinner:

This is Mommy Cel (the bday girl)- she will be leaving for Canada soon...

Another birthday celebrant- no other than Mommy Elaine of Laine's Abode.

the whole RCU group!

together with Elaine and Jpoy!

another venue after our dinner...

I wish and pray that God would continue to grant
ALL whatever your heart's desires.
God Bless you more and more! Again Belated Happy Birthday!!!


Forgetful Princess said...

Hi Pheb. I thought nasa Manila ni sa Laine... Pirmi man mi mag chat ani.Kauban diay ong duwa! lolz

Ah! mao diay tong nag dali-dali sya ingon niya lakaw na sya kay itreat daw sya sa iyang mga officemates!

pet said...

eto at napadapo na pala ako dito sa site mong puro gimik...enjoy na enjoy kayo ano? regards kay mommy laine...

Clarissa said...

Looks like the group had a blast!!Give my regards to Mommy Laine!!Happy Birthday to Mommy Cel!!