June 16, 2009

BS N or BS Pharma?

Just recently I asked my hubby if I can go to school again for the third time around after my graduate studies. He then smiled at me and said, if that’s what you want then go ahead! But he asked me back again if what will be the course that I will be taking up? I was confident enough in answering him immediately “medical course- BS Nursing”. Oops…I paused for a while…and said… wait I have to think it first but the fact is I still like to enroll in a medical course.

At the back of my mind, I was laughing because I know I cannot be able to overcome my fears in dealing with bloods, sick people and even going inside the hospital. Oh my! I can’t figure out myself working inside the emergency room. There was one time when I was in the hospital for some checkups when my hubby left me in the lobby for he went to the comfort room for a minute just to pee. Suddenly an ambulance arrived and then I got so panicked as I saw someone coming out from it. I made some whisper to myself and said “where are you now honey, am so afraid if that stretcher with that Medical Backboards will pass before me”. Guess what? Indeed they passed before me and gosh I did cover my eyes out of frightened. lol!

See? I can’t go on with BSN…maybe BS Pharmacy will do! Hahahhah

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