June 16, 2009

Blog Slogan Contest

My two sexy friend Tammy and her sister Rosilie is holding a unique contest. Unique in the sense that you will be making a slogan about blog or blogging in which it differs from the other blog contest that I have joined in. Well, I was so hesitant at first to join since I am not really good at it! But my friend kept on encouraging me to join that is why I was able to come up with this entry:

Actually, the slogan goes like this:

BLOGGING is an act of GIVING,
BLESSINGS are the results of BLOGGING!

Blogging is an act of giving, it means that through blogging we were able to give and share our personal experiences, our opinions, ideas and even our time and effort. Truly there is always a joy when we give, that is why we devote our time in our blogging career because we believe that we are indeed so happy of what we are really doing.

When you give something in return you will be blessed right? So blessings just flow when we give our time in giving comfort to those who are in need, giving a pieces of advice to those blogger friends who need it most. Having them in your life is already a blessing that you were able to touch their lives in such a way. Friends like them are already a blessings aside from the financial one that we were receiving and enjoying!

There is always a joy in giving. There is such blessing in giving, the giving of ourself to others. We think of what we can give rather that what we can get. This is the very essence of our way of giving and in doing so our life will be richly blessed!

The following are hosts of the contest:

Sister Rosilie's blogs:
Rosilie: My Blog
A Closet of Limitless for Limitless Adventure, Limitless Possibilities
Teacher Techie Says

Sister Tammy's blogs:

Forgetful Princess
Anything Under the Sun

The Sponsors' Links:

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The announcement of winners shall be on July 18, 2009. Tammy's 30th Birthday!


sweet_shelo said...

wow nice slogan mem ha!~!~

pet said...

ganda naman ng sinabi mo dito sa netry mo na ito..good luck at kahit di ka manalo sa contest, panalo ka naman sa slogan na ginawa mo..congrats

Forgetful Princess said...

yot, dawat naku imong entry :-)
whew! kung ako lagi judge nag lisod na ko bah... impressive ang slogan hah! maybe the best one win jud!

Goodluck yotch!

Genefaith said...

wow kanindot sa iya nahimo..abtik man lagi ka sis...

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