May 31, 2009

The New VoIP Technology

I am not new to this VOIP technology since my cousins and friends are using on this for three years already. By the way to those who doesn’t know about VOIP it is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over Internet Provider.

This kind of technology is so useful since it does not only replace the conventional land line phones, but cellular phones as well. VoIP services represent an excellent savings for your pocket, and the efficiency with which VoIP services operate is unmatched when compared to any other type of telephone services.

One of its popular advantages is their free many services. With many Voip Providers, there is no charge to use their VoIP services at all. So if someone you know is in England and has VoIP, and you need to speak with them from Australia, all you need to do is activate your VoIP service and talk away. This is one of the main reasons why conventional phone services cost much higher than VoIP services.

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triton said...

its a saving if u make use of it effectively -u use it everyday- coz u need to pay a min. amount every month even if u dont use it. and disadvantage is u need to have internet connection, which again add to the costs .