June 5, 2009

Yovia's Earn and Learn Program!

It’s been sixteen months already that I have been enjoying my part-time blogging career. Actually, I heard about blogging thing from my church friend whom she shared how she Earn extra money out from her new found hobby. Whaa…I got interested with her experiences as she shared it with me through Yahoo Messenger about how to start and what do next! In short we were having then a tutorial online. Lol! At first, I was so naive when it comes to the terms being used by some bloggers, but as the time goes by I got used to it already. After several months of posting my own personal stories, opinions, share ideas and experiences, that was the time that I was able to monetize my new interest. Indeed blogging is such an added blessing in my family and I am so thankful to God for giving me such.

Speaking of blogging, have you heard about Yovia? It is the first ad network that consists of real people like us that is now accepting a limited number of bloggers. Actually, they are also providing a Free Blog, training and customized templates and a “fidget” that allows them to earn based on their blog contents. Sounds unique and interesting right?

I am encouraging you all to join and be one of those limited bloggers and have the chance to enjoy the Yovia’s earn and learn program.



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pet said...

buti ka pa nga e kumita ka na sa blogging, ako di ata pede dyan kase di naman ako fluent sa english kaya swerte nyo ha?