June 9, 2009

Best Romantic Gift!

I considered myself as a romantic person. Why? Maybe because I usually preferred to receive a bouquet of flowers than chocolates from my significant romantic other. For me, I find it so romantic for a guy who takes time in giving bunch of roses for her dear one. Just like my hubby, from the courtship stage and even up to now, he never fails to give me flowers especially during special occasions. How romantic is he!

I really love flowers that much! Actually my immediate supervisor will be celebrating her birthday two days from now and we were planning together with my section mates to give her something for her special day. Our idea would be a basket of balloons or a Birthday Flowers as our surprise gift. Would it be so nice if it would look the same as the picture? For sure, she will surely love it!

It would be impossible for the Thousand Oaks Flower Delivery to give their best services for us since we are miles away from them. How I wish I can find like the Thousand Oaks Florists here in our city. I really wanted to, because I want the way they arrange their flowers and they have a wide variety of beautiful and unique flowers that I have not seen for real.

Well if you are living near Thousand Oaks California, then you are lucky enough to take your orders online and can select the perfect gift for your special occasion and truly you will enjoy their great services!


sweet_shelo said...

romantica jud diay ka mem..

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow i love flowers too!

JLaine said...

for me, I appreciate the chocolates more than the flowers..hehehe!!

Anonymous said...

how romantic your partner is! keep it up

Stacie said...

What a nice idea for a gift. I too love flowers. The balloons and flowers sound really nice. I am sure your friend will love it!