June 30, 2009

For Your Info!

I received an email coming from a friend informing me about a certain brand of canned sardines and corn beef. For confidentiality’s sake it would be better if I will not tell the “famous” brand. So here it is:

Hey guys, if you lik
e to eat canned sardines and corn beef, better think twice or better yet cook them real good before you eat them. Why? I have been to these plants just this morning to inspect and design a new mechanic safety "gadget" for the workers to use. I just found out that these goods (especially the corned beef) are re-mixed manually by a worker before mechanically placing them inside the cans. The worker wears this boots before dunking himself inside the tank full of corned beef (as in tons and tons), using an ordinary shovel to manually mix them. Since the product is already cooked, it is so hot while mixing them with the shovel. I know that these products have to be salty but I didn’t expect that a guy’s dripping sweat would be an important ingredient. Eww! I mean the sweat that really drips from chin down to the corned beef/sardines itself. I don’t know if I will be going to laugh or be mad at them! The worst thing about this was, when the worker wants to take a break like going to the CR to take a pee, he just goes there inside the CR without taking their boots off (that supposedly to be used only inside the food tank) and back. Then I decided to take a pee also, after a few minutes. It is so yucky to find out that it is super dirty, I mean, no decent running water and other remnants surrounding the toilets. Just imagine that you have stepped on it and then goes back to the food tank to do their work.

Whether this is true or not, am just sharing it all to you! hahhahaha

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