June 17, 2009

Fun for the Family

Every Sunday after church I see to it that we can bond together with my daughter and hubby. As working parents we have to set a day for our little Danielle to have a quality time with each other. Sometimes we let her play in a daycare center just to let her be involved in a kid’s activity and have fun with other kids.But I can say that we had so much fun during our summer escapades because we have lots of activities as a family.

Speaking of family, there is a site wherein Parents around the US can install the widget and be able to be up to date with upcoming events and activities in their area. The person who's widget gets the most views, wins $1000. Fun Family Events and Activities are happening all the time. Know where, when and what thanks to the widget. The ParentsConnect widget promotion runs from May 20, 2009 to midnight EDT on November 20, 2009. U.S. residents over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

Those wishing to enter the contest must fill out the form and place the ParentsConnect widget on their website, blog or social networking profile. If you are interested, just check ParentsConnect.com, who knows you might win.



pet said...

aba naan at talagang may premyo pa sya ha..hmmm..sa U.S. lang ata yan...

Genefaith said...

Here's a CREATIVE MOM BLOGGER AWARD for you. Hope you like it. Have a nice day!