June 19, 2009

MM: That's My Dad!

mommy moments

Mommy Moments once again! Whew!

Even if my eyes were already telling me to rest since I am so tired from our 3 day office activity but still I force myself to manage and post this entry that I have been waiting for.

I am so excited to share my daughter's time together with his dad.
To celebrate with
this coming Sunday's Father's Day...I am proud to tell you all that He is the BEST HUSBAND to me and the BEST DAD to her daughter!

Yeah, am listening dad!

more pics here below...

CC right?

quality time with dad...

where is it dad?

as if they were asleep...dramatic scene! lol!

My daughter and I were so blessed of having him in our life.

We love you so much Honey and Daddy!!!!

Advance Happy Father's Day!

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