May 24, 2009

New Social Networks for Bloggers!

Blogging is so in nowadays! Just recently, somebody emailed me and invited me to join our city’s first blogging 101 training. Unfortunately I was not able to attend for some reasons. One of my friends who attended the said training said that it was really worth the payment that she learned so many things about the very basic in blogging as well as enjoying the moment as she met her fellow bloggers in our city.

Speaking of blogging there is this new online blog magazine in which you can personalize according to your own tastes and interests called Seekopia. Same as with the one that we are into now, it is also a brand new social network for bloggers that combines with an online advertising and blogging. You can also follow posts from your favorite bloggers, comment on posts, message bloggers and customize the site to suit your needs.

What are you waiting for? Create a free blog today and Seekopia will help you build a list of followers by promoting your posts and keeping track of your readers. Of course, it gives you the opportunity to advertise and earn money online, easily. The big difference is that, you can easy make double, triple, or more than what you would earn with any other blog network.

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