May 24, 2009

I am a Blogger!

I received this T-shirt last Friday at around 10:30AM in the office through Air21. The story of this goes like this.....

Three weeks ago, my sister in Christ as well as my new blogger friend Genebie of
Her and History won the fifth place of Pinay Jade's blog contest. Actually, she is blessed by God cause she always win in any contest that she is into. lol! Aside from giving me a "balato" of her EC credits she gave also the T-shirt the one that I am wearing. Well, she was left with no choice since Djtammy- one of her winning sponsors agreed that unless the winner is from Philippines, she will be shipping it. But unfortunately, she resides in Thailand that is why I am so fortunate that she freely gave it to me. :)

Tammy of
Anything Under the Sun then contacted me and asked me to choose from her different great designs...Wow! so happy that it really fits me although it was a medium size (ooppsss I thought I can fit with the S size-oh no! it only tells that I am gaining my weight already=too bad:).

more pics here....

T-shirt designed by Tammy... fat na c okz!...

a pose with hubby after swimming..
moti na c okz!

last weekend at the rest house of my Tita...

d najud mabangbang akong ka tambok oi...
unsaon urs cge ra man lafang..mao na na!

Well, again thanks much my dear friend Genei and as well as Tammy.. Indeed, I am a blogger!
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