May 7, 2009

Keep Silence Please!

My sister just arrived few weeks ago from Dubai to have her one month vacation in here. She brought with her a surprise Mediacom player for us all. The moment she arrived, we always had fun together singing out load from daytime to night time. Actually our neighborhood were good enough for allowing us to stay late at night even though it is so noisy on their part (this is just my opinion) hearing us singing with a load and hoarse voice. lol…. Until such time I heard from a friend that there is already a law regarding this matter…sound proofing house so that other people might not be disturbed.

Just like this article that I have read that the latest in Soundproofing Technology has already arrived. They totally reduce noisy distractions by 95%. Sound Proof Door & Window Treatments provide the solitude of country living no matter what your location is.Isn’t it great? These almost invisible window treatments are equally almost indestructible. They sit on your window sill or inside your door frame eliminating the need for replacement windows and increasing the benefits of your existing windows by 300%. 100% of current existing windows amplify outside noises as they allow UV Rays and billions of particles of pollen, dust, dirt and the entire gamut of airborne allergens to enter your home, polluting your air 24/7, 365 days a year.

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