May 1, 2009

My Mini-Meh!

Currently, I am missing my little Danielle since she is not with us since yesterday. My parents brought her home again in our little hometown and they will be back tomorrow morning. I can’t really wait for her…Speaking of her, we just talked with hubby how my pretty little one tries to imitate the way I do and dress.

Of course as a mom, we always wanted our children to look best in the way they dress. Am I right? For me, if possible if I will wear something pink then I will see to it that my daughter wears pink too. We always go for motifs as they have said. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a full grown lady so that we can have the same interest especially in line with choosing clothing for girls with matching hair accessories like headbands, bows, ribbons, barrettes and all.

Well aside from that, I was so proud that my daughter was able to walk down the aisle as a little bride for the first time wearing her favorite gown. I really had a hard-time looking for a flower girl’s dresses online that I ended up designing her one. So what do you think of it?