May 24, 2009

Goodbye: Hate this Part!

Just this morning, we sent off my sister in the airport bound for Manila then to Dubai at around 6pm this evening. Her one month vacation leave is now over, she had to be back for her work there and earn a living. I really hate this part bidding goodbye....I know this is not for forever but still we will surely miss her so much. Well, technology is so useful nowadays that we can communicate with her as if she's just over our next block. :)

my elder and younger sis...
(meh, ann & christine)

More pics here...just scroll it down:

on our way to airport...

saying goodbye to Papa...:(

with my mom and aunt...bidding goodbye

for the last time...

time to depart now! bye!!!

The hurting part: my daughter wave her hands to her and said... "
bye mami ging, luv u." Tears really fell down from my face. Well, this is it... we have to wait another two years for her to be back and we were so excited for it! We hope and pray for her safety travel. God Bless you my dear sister and we love you so much!

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