May 10, 2009

Mom in a Mission

It is true that being a parent especially as a mom is not as easy job to take. But as I have learned that the greatest responsibility that we could offer to our children is to introduce them to Christ.

I am so blessed that as early as two years old my daughter Danielle knows how to pray and she really loves to dance before the Lord using the tambourines. Well, mommies out there we have to teach our children about Savior, Scripture and Service...

as if she knows how to read...1 John 4:8 "God is LOVE".

Pix below were taken just this morning as we celebrated the
Mother's Day special in our church...

my ever supportive husband & daughter

after our church service

on our way home

We were not able to celebrate it as a couple and have a date with hubby since we had a picnic with my family after church (maybe this weekdays)...Thanks God for we still had so much fun together.

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