May 13, 2009

Treadmill for Myself!

Last night, I was with my parents- in-law because they were asking the hand of their son’s girlfriend. It was my second time to witness such after I have experienced it with myself four years ago. I could remember so well the time when my boyfriend (which is my hubby now) told my parents how much he really love me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Well, it turned out to be so okay last night and that they have decided to settle for this lifetime activity this coming month of August.

As we were chatting with the soon to be couple, my brother in law asked my cousin if he could borrow his fitness equipments at home so that he could prepare himself for the said event. Actually my hubby and brother-in-law’s normal body structure is so thin. I told my hubby to join with his brother with the gaining and firming session for three months. I guess I need to enroll myself also together with them since I want my body to be firm and tone. I was so surprised that almost all of them told me that what I will need most is just a Treadmill for walking and jogging just to release my sweat since I am already fit and sexy. (LOL!)…Wow! Well guys, thanks such compliments.

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