May 4, 2009

May 25: Financial Freedom Awaits

Just recently, I received an email coming from a very well-known evangelist telling me that God is leading Him to designate May 25 a special Debt Cancellation Day of Prayer. Wow I am so happy to read it since almost every one of us here is experiencing the financial crisis. We know that amazing things happen when God's people move into His principles of sowing and reaping, and the time of financial freedom has never been more needed.

Right now, I do believe that God will let us experience our freedom from financial pressure. Now, more than ever before, God’s people need liberty from debt. With the world thrown into financial chaos, it’s time for believers to see God’s mighty abundance poured out in a historic way. That is why it is important to seek God’s kingdom first and to give toward taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. It is also important to know the seasons and times. We are moving into a season of great outpouring, of releasing faith to be free from debt!

But to some people, they opt to go for a top debt consolidation companies and even applied for a cheap debt consolidation just to be free from debt. We all know that God wants His people to be free from debt and to manage your finances so well.

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hi sis, tnx for the visit. God bless!